Sunday, 15 May 2011

The right outfit for the occasion

I recently did the Country Living exhibition and was impressed to see how several of the stallholders blended well with their stands. I know it might seem a bit trivial but I paid so much attention to the look of my stand that my outfits fell short of the occasion.

I remember when I was growing up my Mum would dress up to go shopping in my home city of Nottingham. It must be genetic because I do exactly the same. If I go shopping in Norwich I cannot go wearing jeans, I dress up just like my Mum used to. I was telling a friend that this was my usual regime and she was astonished. I don't think she could quite believe that people like me still existed! I think for me it is important to reflect who you are and how you feel the most comfortable. I think my style is quite safe but I would love to branch out and be more creative. Hats off to the stallholders who incorporate their personal style into their products I love seeing creativity spanning the board.