Friday, 30 March 2012

Kinky Knickers

I have been engrossed in the recent television program featuring Mary Portas and her drive to bring back UK manufacturing. It was a joy to see so many new jobs being created on the back of the program. The message Mary has been trying to get across is to make our textiles industry viable again.
I originate from Nottingham and was delighted to have my wedding dress made from Nottingham Lace. I was saddened to see that this industry has almost died in the area and we are now relying on cheap imports. I really hope that the program will ignite the industry and put back manufacturing and pride into our country.
I realise that so many people are trading on the UK Manufactured label when in fact components of many of the products are still imported and therefore cannot be classed as totally UK made. Mary Portas recognised the importance of having each component made in the UK and I applaud her ethos. I have found it very difficult in getting the products for Artisans-uk that are genuinely made in the UK. I visited a trade show at the start of my business and was horrified to see that several ceramics companies claim to be UK made. However, it transpires that they are only finished in the UK!
I feel it is vital to support UK manufacturing and in a small way Artisans-uk is championing this!